Step 1 Edit

Please make sure you have created an account with your main character's username. Do not use pen names or nicknames. This is for the sake of editor tracking.

If your username is already taken, please use an alternate character's name or a name administrators will recognize.

Step 2 Edit

On the Home Page, go to the letter section corresponding to the first letter of your main character. Click Edit.

Hit Enter to start a new line after the letter header.

Click and Insert Row Above or Below an entry based on alphabetical order and enter your name.

Enter any Alternate Characters that participates in raids by alphabetical order, separated by commas. Write "None" if there are no Alternate Characters.

Step 3 Edit

At the top right of the home page, click Add New Page.

The name of the page MUST be your main character's name only. Your character data page is now ready to edit.

Please create ONE page only. All alternate characters must be included in that page.

On your page, you may use an existing page's template or make one similar to the template.

Step 4 Edit

Upload My Status Character screenshots via the Contribute drop-down menu.

image1 will stack on top of image2 at all times.

To enter the uploaded image into the image infobox, simply enter the filename of the desired image.

Step 5 Edit

After you are finished, please check with CiderSM for peer review.